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The #1 way top agents are building massive listing pipelines.
Talk to more sellers & start listing more homes.
More leads for less money.
It's a science, and we've
got the formulas.
Fully automated follow-up,
CMAs, texts and emails that
spark conversations.
We'll handle everything
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setting appointments.
Build up a seller pipeline fast,
and automate the follow-up.
Real success stories from top agents...
By using the BoldLeads system and my follow-up methods, any agent can stay ahead of the curve and be the dominant listing agent in their marketplace. It's simple and it works!
Craig Proctor
Sold Over $1 Billion of Real Estate
In just 60 days, I've generated 115 leads, over 500 addresses, 2 live listings, and another on the way. Can't say enough great things about BoldLeads!
Lester Cox
Sold Over $1 Billion of Real Estate
In 6 months I've generated 267 leads and converted 8 leads into 8 listings so far. According to my MLS, another 20% of my leads listed with another agent, because I didn't follow up. BoldLeads is the real deal!
Ephrem J.
RE/MAX Solutions
We really weren't sure what to expect, but after 3 months, our pipeline is full and we have several active listings as a direct result of BoldLeads and I'm sure more are to come. Fortune is definitely in the follow-up!
Susan F.
BoldLeads has helped me build a massive pipeline of business and jumpstart my real estate career! I already have 3 listings and picked up a buyer in less than 2 months! Unbelievable!
Raniel D.
Coldwell Banker
I have been working with Boldleads for 3 months now and we are more than pleased with their product and their staff. Every 9th lead is a REAL solid seller and sometimes a buyer as well. I recommend Boldleads to anyone that wants seller leads. If you have any questions for me please call anytime.
Greg M.
J Rockcliff Realtors, Real Estate Trainer
How does it work?
Drive Traffic
Our marketing team will drive traffic to your
BoldLeads site and generate the most amount
of leads for the least amount of money.
Capture Leads
Our landing pages will turn your traffic into leads,
and capture home addresses for every visitor.
Convert Conversations
into Commissions
After a lead fills out the form, they'll get an
automatic text and email that appear to come from
you personally. These messages are crafted to spark a
conversation, so you can convert them into a listing.
What do we include?
Capture 37% More Leads
Capture more leads than any other web form, even if a prospect doesn't submit the form.
Behavior-Based Follow Up
Send campaigns that engage your warm leads and revive cold leads.
We'll Manage Everything
Let us handle your campaigns, so you can focus on working with clients.
Social Profile Lookups
See the social media profiles for your leads and connect in new ways.
14 Landing Page Templates
Don't want to use a home valuation page? Try our other templates, or run a few at the same time.
Video Training Library
New trends, hacks and techniques to drive more traffic and generate more leads.
Address Captures
Capture street addresses from landing page visitors and build a mailing list automatically.
Facebook Mastermind
Join other agents, trade tips and learn how to convert your leads into listings.
Send Refi Leads to a Lender
Have any refinance leads automatically forward to your lender.
Spark Conversations
Spark conversations with sellers using unbranded texts and emails.
Turn Leads Into Listings
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest scripts and techniques.
Unlimited Landing Pages
Create and track as many landing pages as you like. Perfect for online and offline marketing!
Simple CRM Integration
Integrate your account with your current CRM in seconds.
Daily Live Training Classes
Learn about the newest features every day in our live training classes.
Email Verification
Don't waste time with bogus leads. Enable email verification on your landing pages.
Exclusive Area
Only one agent is accepted per zip code
or area (depending on traffic).
Add Widgets to Any Site
Our easy-to-install widgets allow you to drive traffic and capture leads from any website.
Automated CMA Reports
Send CMA reports with local market data to your leads, automatically.
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