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Never call a bad lead again. We’ll qualify your leads for you, so you can close more deals.

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“Concierge took my conversion rate from 2% to 14% and added another $14M in sales volume!”
Erin Z.
Text Concierge really helps me distinguish who the serious buyers are out of the gate.
Jo Ann B.
Getting 3 appointments set for me without having to do a thing sold me on Text Concierge.
Angie S.
I love it because I am always on the road, so having someone else follow-up for me is so helpful!
Denise M.
I love the engagement statistics, so I can keep track of my follow up.
John S.
It's so nice to not have to worry about working my leads all time time!
Amanda F.
I love this! Way cheaper than hiring an assistant but just as effective.
Mitzy L.
It's convenient having appointments set up for me and put on my calendar!
Jeff R.
By working my leads for me, they took my conversion rate from 3% to 8%.
Marcus H.
The price can’t be beat for the amount of leads they are working for me every month.
Molly S.
I had a file of old leads that I hadn't touched in years. They worked those for me, and they got me 5 appointments.
Carol S.
I don't feel like I'm wasting thousands of dollars on leads I can't follow up with anymore now that the Concierge is doing it for me!
Marry G.
Knowing that my leads are being contacted as soon as they come in means I don't have to worry.
Mandy K.

Why do agents love Concierge?

The average Concierge user increases their conversion rate from 1% to 5% in the first 60 days!
Text messages have an incredible 98% open rate.
90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

Without Text Concierge

You are losing $ in commissions

The estimate is based on the average increase in lead conversion rates with Text Concierge, but is not guaranteed.

Concierge Gives You

More time.

You get more time to focus on showings and listings while our highly trained staff qualifies your leads. What will you do with all the extra hours in your day?

More clients.

Convert more leads and focus on building your business. Spend more of your valuable time with motivated buyers and sellers that have been pre-screened.

More tranquility.

We take the stress out of nurturing leads by handling the follow up for you. Concierge is the easiest way to turn leads into appointments and new business.

Route in your leads from other sources.

You're not limited to leads generated by BoldLeads. We can even bring old leads back to life with campaigns designed to re-engage old leads

See all conversations in real time!

You can even take over conversations if you choose to do so.

We'll work your old leads too.

Send us your "dead" leads and we'll re-engage them and bring them back to life!

Powered by real people.

Text Concierge is human powered. Let our highly trained staff qualify your leads for you.

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