Tons of features to help you convert
more leads.


Marketing blasts

Send out mass emails, texts or voicemails to leads.

Bring old leads back to life

Re-engage leads by sending group emails and texts.
Send out seasonal tips, current news, new listings, or invitations to open houses.

Sending out mass communication to your leads on a schedule makes it easy to re-engage with all or some of your leads at once.



Manage all of your texts and emails with leads in one place.

Consolidate your communication

Contacting your leads can take a while, inbox consolidates all your conversations with leads into one screen.

All your conversations are recorded in your Inbox.



Redirect traffic from your own website to a personalized
capture page.

Capture leads

Easily capture the contact information of the people visiting your business website by sending them to your BoldLeads landing page.

Never miss an opportunity for leads!


Text concierge

We'll qualify your leads for you via text,
saving you time and money!

No need to hire an ISA or an assistant when you can have Text Concierge respond to all your leads right away.

You can focus on selling while contact is established and appointments are set for you.


Email and text templates

Professional email and text templates for contacting your leads.

Get a head start

Your account comes with email and text templates to help you nurture and engage leads.

Your commonly used email and text messages can be saved as templates. This saves you time while providing engaging communication with your leads.

Enter a new era of lead