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BoldLeads is not a system where sellers list immediately. It truely is a 6-12 nurturing process. In the first 6-8 months, we received many leads with not a lot of listings. We have had 12 Boldlead Listings in 2016 (2 months) alone and 4 in 2015. Many of the leads that we have been nurturing from 2015, are going to be listing over the next few months so these numbers should increase dramatically.
12 listings in 2 months.
Rose M.
Hamilton, Ontario
I have been with BoldLeads for 3 months and I have several prospects that I am working with. I love that BoldLeads is constantly coming up with new things to better the experience!
Has several prospects.
Ryan Z.
Denver, Colorado
We've been members of BoldLeads for a little over 3 years now and have no intention of stopping any time soon. We've closed right around 20 deals but it's increasing exponetially because we're building up our database and the follow up we do. I'm pretty excited about it just because of the ROI.
Closed around 20 deals.
Brian T.
Parker, Colorado
I’ve been using BoldLeads since August 2017. In total, I’ve closed about 6 buyer transactions, I have about 4 more under contract and now my leads are sending me referrals! #Winning I LOVE how automated the system works, it provides quality leads. And I’m excited about the new features that are rolling out. BoldLeads is one of the best in the industry. The automation is so impressive to me. I have clients always writing me back and responding to the auto messages which leads to faster conversion. I’m sold on BoldLeads. It’s taking my business to a new level.
Closed 6 with 4 under contract.
Amanda W.
Sugar Land, Texas
I have been in the real estate industry for 8 years and have been a top producer for the past 6 years. Adding BoldLeads was an excellent way to compliment my marketing and to keep my pipelines going. I've been happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone. New agents and experienced agents will benefit from their services.
I’ve been happy with the results!
Andra A.
Guelph, Ontario
I signed up for BoldLeads as a skeptical agent thinking it may be just another lead generating company that promises everything and delivers nothing. Boy, was I wrong! The leads are great! In less than one week, I have 18 full and 12 partial! I am so excited to see my text messages daily! I'm a huge fan of BoldLeads.com.
18 full and 12 partial leads.
Gloria F.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
I just want to say a couple of words about BoldLeads. I have been with BoldLeads for almost 2 years now. I have received over 200 leads and have closed 3 transactions. It has helped my business a lot since every time I receive a lead I get busy with converting it. I follow all of the training videos and all of the scripts and it really does work. You just have to be on top of each lead and convert. Once I closed my 1st deal it covered the costs of BoldLeads for the whole year. I'm really happy I joined BoldLeads and have recommended it to other Agents including my colleagues. This is a way to grow your Database. Thank you! Cheers!
Received over 200 leads.
Marta S.
Coronado, California
In one year, I have closed 5 deals with 4 in escrow. I love how user friendly it is, I can set tasks and send emails/text so easy to clients that I am just following up with or some that I haven't been able to get a hold of. I love that I can add notes and see when touches are made even when BoldLeads send something out. I like that I can add my own marketing and customize who I want to send it to. I can drop a VM to clients. It is just a great system! My favorite part if that it keeps me organized with my follow up! I don't have to try to remember who I need to contact for the day!
Closed 5 deals with 4 in escrow.
Miranda J.
Las Vegas, Nevada
I was with BoldLeads back in 2015. I signed up for several zip codes but never really followed through that well. At the end of January this year I decided to rejoin BoldLeads. I looked through the old data and whoever mentioned they were planning on selling did indeed sell... unfortunately, NOT with me. I have been with BoldLeads this second time around since February and this month I will be closing 2 transactions 1 for $1.1M and another at $625K, both of which are being double-ended. Nice! For this reason, I am adding more zip codes to my mix.
Closing $1.1m and $625k.
Paul L.
Newark, California
The first seller lead I got became a listing and purchase of a new home. Within four months of signing up I have closed four leads and have one pending. It’s great!
Closed 4 leads and have 1 pending.
Martha M.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I've sold one $775,000 home and another for $420,000 and I have 10 great prospects in my pipeline. I'm on pace to sell 1.6 Million by year's end with BoldLeads.
Sold for $775k and $420k.
Pat R.
Brentwood, Tennessee

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Bill W.
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Erik D. 5 min
Just signed up yesterday afternoon for leads. I have gotten 7 leads in 24 hours and 1 appt. I am a new agent, so I don’t have a lot of experience with lead generation but I have gotten more leads in one day from BoldLeads than a month being with Zillow.
Adam 5 min
I’ve been with BoldLeads since May and have closed 2 listings and have another going up next week. I would just say, treat every listing as experiment, meaning always test and adjust how you respond and specifically what you say.
Geoff W. 5 min
Well done! Stick with it! Over a year in and I can already attribute my BoldLeads to more than $2M in volume.
John W. 5 min
Got a listing appointment for this week using BoldLeads and adding many more to the database with warm conversations.
Karen H. 21 hrs
I signed up for BoldLeads last Friday and have already gotten my first listing appointment and have 2 other really good prospects. I am very happy with the service thus far.
Brian 6 hrs
Three new listings over the last 2 weeks in the amount of $1.2M. Another appointment on Saturday and another next week. The nurtures from the past are starting to come through as well.
Joe Sep
3 months ago I created a relationship from BoldLeads. Yesterday I listed his $849,000 and he is also a move up buyer. Thanks BoldLeads! #BestSellerLeadSiteAvailable
Lyn M. 18 hrs
I’ve had 500 leads since June and successfully completed 3 ends. I also have about 10 people who I have met with who will be listing. And three appointments next week.
Lenny C. 1 min
Yes I just joined and have received ALOT of leads. I am currently in communication with several of them. Had 1 listing appt so far. The staff is VERY helpful.